Upcoming Indisplay Fingerprint Phone Samsung Galaxy A60

Samsung galaxy A60
Samsung galaxy A60

Upcoming Indisplay Fingerprint Phone Samsung galaxy A60

Samsung’s new look Samsung Galaxy A60. Samsung has already been busy with mid-range solutions.┬áSouth East Asia’s budget smartphone market has brought customers’ interest in their M-series. This time, they are going to bring India to the standpoint of Samsung galaxy A60. At the same time they can unveil two new models named A40 and A70.

However, the most attractive among these three phones is the Samsung A60. So in this post, I will discuss the details of the Samsung A60. The new phone will include the new Chip set “Snapdragon SM6150” with Qualcomm Octa Core Processor. This chip set is made up of 11 nano-meter form factors, just like Snapdragon 675, which is a symptom of energy saving gaming chip sets. Qualcomm is going to bring 4 digits in the name of their chip set, which can be seen as a snapdragon SM 6150. However, it seems to be stronger than the Snapdragon 710 chip set.

However, it seems to be stronger than the Snapdragon 710 chip set. With such a mid-to-high range chip set, it is expected that there will be no shortage of Samsung galaxy A60 in gaming and performance. This phone has a full HD + 6.7-inch Super Amoled display panel. Because of the Full View Infinity Yu Display, there will be screen-to-video ratios, so the phone is not getting too big in size to its huge display ratio. At the same time, the display will have an optical in display fingerprint sensor, which is another key attraction for this phone.

Then the cameras are going to give new surprises to the Samsung A60, 32-megapixel front camera that could be a cellular shooter, which could be Samsung’s own IOS cell GD1 sensor. The 32-megapixel primary camera, the 8-megapixel Ultra wide-angle camera, and 5-megapixel-depth sensor camera, will be available in the rear. Rear cameras have been reported to have 4 video support. Many camera cameras are hopeful of camera spec. But the day of exposure can be known as the true truth. This Samsung A60 phone can come with 6 GB / 8GB RAM and 64 or 128GB ROM option. It has the advantage of external storage.

There are also more USB Type C port and 3.5mm yap, Jack Port. The phone is made of plastic, which is quite glossy or shiny. Samsung’s name is ‘Glastic’. At the same time, with the huge battery of 4500 ml empire, Samsung galaxy 60 will be able to make a list of many. Charging also has 15 Watt’s fast charging facilities on the phone. According to the leak, there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy 60 is going to be a mid-to-high range device. The phone is supposed to be open in India on April 19th. The price may be estimated at around Rs. 28,000 or less. After 30 and A50, Samsung A60 seems to be heading towards value and value for money. The battle between the brands is changing in the market situation.