QKZ DM9 Earphone Review


QKZ DM9 Earphone Review

QKZ DM9 is a familiar name in the world of the earphones. There are a number of QKZ in the earphones market. The QKZ DM9 earphones are available at the beginning of the list for small budget holders.

They have some earphones in the range of $9-$10 dollar. QKZ DM9 earphone price amazon in $11.99. which are generally known to everyone and are popular in the country. The ‘DM9’ is a well-known earphone in many earphones. Today’s discussion with the experience of using QKZ DM 9.

What’s inside the box:

Box 9 inside of the 9-inch earphones and three pairs of different sizes.

Sound quality and durability:

Now let’s talk about sound quality and durability. In a way, its durability has been great for me in this budget. The very strong earphone 3.5mm jack is head L shaped because it does not have to worry about its tear. QKZ DM9 wire upper layer is covered with a plastic, so its inner wire is fully protected.

The better part is that the earphone’s wire does not spin. There will be no talk about its sound quality. It has 9.2 mm NdFeB speaker. It may be the best choice in this budget. Let’s say it is not for Base Lavers. For those looking for the combination of Base and Treble, the QKZ DM 9. I’ve heard all the songs like Metal, Melody, Rock, and this earphone. All the musicians were getting the original taste.

Death Metal voice clarity was most liked this. It is expected to not be disturbed even after listening to continuous singing. This is the maximum of 7.30 hours continuous music without any annoyance! It might be a good choice for music lover at this price. Most of the big talk was quite comfortable with its music listening experience.

Good direction:

In my opinion, one of the best aspects – because the top of the earphone head is flat, you can listen to music with a pillow head. Also the microphone quality is pretty good. Do not talk in front of the face. People in the other side can listen to the obvious in the normal way.

Bad side:

The earphone was a bit heavy. Although it does not matter. It is possible to give discount in so much good. Finally, my own opinion is that QKZ DM9 has been able to give a good quality earphone at this price. There is no complaint about the QKZ DM9 of the sound quality as well as its durability. Later in another article will be spoken again.


  • Ear Headphones with Microphone
  • Metal CNC Zinc alloy
  • Frequency 20-22 KHz
  • Ergonomic split cavity structure use of high-density plastic material, and acoustic cavity structure, the acoustic tuning show after stomata headphone sound cavity design makes airflow more smoothly, then low dive deeper, shell light, will not bring ear burden
  • Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone

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