Nike Adapt BB Self Lacing Sneaker


Nike Adapt BB Self Lacing Sneaker

Nike introducing its second version of its self-lacing hyper adapt shoes, the adapt BB. This pair is lot more affordable at 350 dollars, pairs over a Bluetooth and remembers how tight you like your shoes. It’s a ton of technology packed right under the arch of your foot. People are probably going to buy it in droves, just like they do with most any other Nike shoe. This is the shoe for everybody.

This is the shoe that basketball players all over the world will be able to get. First thing to note is the design of the shoe, its very basketball specific everything from the outsole. The way outsole work to the midsole to the upper is built specifically for basketball. The shoe it feels really great it’s really grippe it’s not too hard it’s not too soft it is translucent as you can see and it has these two blue dots here as more of a design aesthetics. You that it has that’s traditional herringbone sort of feel to it.

It’s going to be something that you can use indoor and outdoor moving on to the upper Nike is using a new textile on the upper. They did not specify the name of that new textile. The sneaker moving on the midsole of the shoe Nike is using a cushion carrier. Which is where a lot of the magic of the lacing sneaker happens. The engine is a total upgrade. It’s been redesigned it also includes a few more sensors than the original model had it has an accelerometer, gyroscope it has a capacitor it obviously has lithium-ion battery it has the wireless charging and it also has Bluetooth.

Speaking of the Bluetooth they actually have that. You can pair the shoes to your phone which in concept or in theory sounds a little crazy but seeing it actually in practice it does add a lot of value to the process or to the whole package of the sneakers. The people are going to use quite a bit primary function of the app is to give you the ability to tighten or loosen the shoes there’s two individual setting one for the left foot and for the right foot and as you push the letters up in the app it tightens the shoe.

About of Nike Adapt BB Shoe

  • 30000 impact pulses at 780 pounds of force
  • 2900 continuous lacing cycles from tight to loose
  • 40000 button presses
  • 5000 cycles of flexing from left to right
  • 140 degree F at 85% humidity
  • Doused with nearly 80 gallons of water in 3 minutes
  • 300 miles of running