DJI Ronin s In Depth Review

DJI Ronin-s
DJI Ronin-s

DJI Ronin s In Depth Review

The details of the Ronin s, I just want to give a brief lesson in gimbals. The handheld gimbals has come is long way since. The original movie was first announced and it really came from the technology that was developed throughout the years with drones. We needed to attach cameras to drones and the problem was always without any type of stabilization the blades of the drone going back and forth just caused a ton of shake.

DJI Ronin-S
DJI Ronin-S

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They had to develop these three axis gimbal to get all that shake out. it was until free fly that anybody actually figured out. What if we took that off and put handles on it and made it a basically Steadicam replacement so that’s exactly. What happened free fly completely changed the entire industry with the movie and DJI obviously took on their Ronin series of gimbals with the original Ronin-s the Ronin M and now with the Ronin 2. I always found that free fly had the best stabilization but usually not the best prices because they’re designed in America their handmade by American’s it typically was a little bit more expensive than Chinese branded DJI Ronin.

What happened in the market was a lot of third-party companies started making gimbals. It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that people started experimenting with this handheld set up. Zion crane of course is kind of the main competitor to DJI with the Ronin s and they have amazing tools with the Zion crane. A lot of companies have been waiting around for DJI or free fly to make something like this because the truth is a handheld gimbal setup is much more ergonomic. the to handle setup and having to use a stand put it down movie created the little ring with the feet and that was really you can now get that with the new Mobi pro.

You can buy accessories for the Ronin to get that so you don’t need a stand as much. It is more comfortable to have two handles instead of just the one with one arm but when you’re using really small cameras hand holding. It is not that much of a problem. DJI address that need with the Ronin s and here it’s a long anticipated thing to have because you until now there haven’t been any real established companies. That have made a really solid handheld gimbal so with that brief history lesson about gimbles let’s talk about the Ronin-s again once you balance.

The DJI Ronin s it’s really powerful. Ronin-s as soon as I picked it up and as soon as I dialed it in. I found thing to just be supper fluid and super smooth just a couple of years ago to buy. The best gimbal in my opinion the free fly movie m5 it coasted like $2695. The Ronin-s today costs $699.  If you really think about how technologies have been moving forward and how prices have been going down $699 is a steal for a gimbal that’s this powerful.

You also have this joystick here which is great to use in a pinch. I actually found myself at using the Ronin-s kind of like a monopod or like a shoulder cam. Because we have this joystick here we can completely move the gimbals in different directions and get the shot that we need without having to use the gimbals like a gimbals in all cases. That’s what makes the handheld gimbals setup so amazing is the versatility of it. It’s not only a fluid gimbals or like a Steadicam but it can also be used like a mono-pod or a tripod.

One really great thing about the DJI Ronin s is the app we actually have a full- featured app that lets us do hyper lapse, time-laps, motion control using in the app. When we were shooting b-roll for this video we actually did a really cool experiment with the roll access. This to use and it doesn’t flip your camera upside down one of the downfalls of using a gimbals is getting footsteps in your shots the first way to avoid. The gimbals shot a variety of shots in normal speed and in slow motion obviously if you want to have the most fluid shot possible. I would wreck shooting in a higher speed like 60 frames per second or higher. That roll access that spiny kind of shot on previous gimbals doing something like this was impossible because the gimbals it was kind of hanging from above because the base of thing gimbals is at a point where you can actually do a spin or a barrel roll you can rally get some dynamic shots.

It’s have three different modes that you can completely customize here you just cycle through them with the mode selection on the front here ,it’s have a little trigger that if you double tap it centers the gimbal if you triple tap one two three it does selfie mode. The battery life on the Ronin s is pretty great compared to the Zion crane its technically worse you get 12 hours of battery life which in my opinion is very good battery life.

DJI Ronin-s Shots
DJI Ronin-s Shots

DJI Ronin s Full Specifications


  • Working CurrentStatic Current: 0.16 A
  • Bluetooth Operating Frequency- 4to 2.28 GHz
  • Bluetooth transmitter power- 0 dBm
  • Operating Temperature-4 degree to 113 degree F (-20 degree to 45 degree C )
  • WeightApprox 3.3 Ib (gimbal only), Approx 4.1 Ib (gimbal and grip included)
  • Dimension- Approx 202x185x486 mm


  • Load weight (Reference Value)- 6 kg (Handheld)
  • Angular Vibration Range- ±0.02 degree
  • Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed- Pan Axis: 360 degree/s, Tilt axis: 360 degree/s, roll axis: 360 degree/s.
  • Mechanical Endpoint Range- Pan Axis: 360 degree Continuous Rotation, Tilt Axis: +185 to -95 360 degree, Roll Axis: 360 360 degree Continuous Rotation.
  • Controlled Rotation Range- Pan Axis: 360 degree Continuous Rotation, Tilt Axis: +135 to -90 degree, Upright Mode, +90 to -135 Degree (Under slung And Flashlight Mode), Roll Axis: ±30,360 degree Continuous Rotation (Roll 360 Mode)



  • Camera Tray Dimension- Maximum depth from the center of gravity on the camera, base plate: 98 mm, Maximum height measured from top of the camera base plate: 150 mm, maximum width: 205 mm.
  • Accessory Port- Mechanical: 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16 Mounting Hole, M4 Mounting Hole, Electrical: 12v/2A Power Accessory Port, Camera Control Port, 8 pin port.
  • Input Power- Model: RB1-2400 mAh-14.4V, Type: 18650 Li-Po, Capacity: 2400 mAh, Energy: 34.56 Wh.
  • ConnectionBluetooth 4.0, USB-C
  • DJI Assistant 2 Requirements- Window 7 or Above, Mac OSX10.11 or Above.
  • Ronin app Requirements- IOS 9.0 or Above, Android 4.4 or Above.
DJI Ronin-S
DJI Ronin-S


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